Our fully automated and controlled Coating Plant is amongst the most advanced anywhere in the country.

Our fully trained (BGAS and NACE Certified) and dedicated staff is capable of carrying out all types of specialized industrial coatings. We can carry out all types of coatings including Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Fusion Bonded Nylon and Polyester Coatings, Thermal Spray Aluminium for High Temperature application, and full 3 Coat Painting System for a variety of applications such as Onshore, Offshore, Sub-Sea, Underground, Above Ground, and Potable Water Compatible Coatings.

Our capabilities extend to all different materials and coating systems.

Hawa Metals’ commitment to delivering highest corrosion protection is a critical element contributing to the lifespan of steel pipes & valve parts. When carbon steel pipes and valves parts are invariably exposed to some type of corrosive environment, a corrosion protection is required which could be as simple as external paint or sophisticated internal and external coatings supplemented by a catholic protection system.

In addition to interior and exterior coatings, we also specialize in providing Chemical Hardening processes for all types of metal parts. These processes add value to our customer’s end product.